RCD Lectures As part of a long time project, I have started to convert the videos we took of Robert C. Dunnell’s lectures from the University of Washington. These all date to about 1996 when I was a graduate student at the U.W. At that time, me and a number of graduate student colleagues videotaped RCD giving lectures in ARCHY 479 (Eastern North America), 497 (Method and Theory I), 498 (Method and Theory II), and 575 (Field Research). So far, I have started in on ARCHY 497, but hope to get all of the videos converted. Archy 497: Archaeological Method and Theory I: Formal Theory This set is from Archaeology 497: Eastern North America. This class is a favorite one for many people as it demonstrates how the other stuff (method, theory, field methods, analytic techniques) can be used to build an incredible understanding to prehistory. It was, in this geek’s eyes, a tour de force. Archaeology 575: Archaeological Field Research Design. Note that these are all mpg files and large, but they exist!


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