California State University Long Beach is officially accepting applications for students who want to get an MA in Anthropology and focus in Archaeology. We are anticipate accepting a new group of MA students for Fall 2010. We are particularly looking for students who are fairly committed to taking a science-based approach to the archaeological record. Our program seeks to provide students with strong analytic and critical tools necessary to be competitive in archaeology and other related disciplines. At CSULB, it is our goal to provide archaeology students with: strong theoretical training; access and hands-on training on state of the art instrumentation; field work opportunities; exposure to an innovative and highly interdisciplinary environment that combines theory and the use of analytical techniques to solve problems central to the understanding of the physical, life and social sciences; internships and graduate assistantships; funds for student research projects; one-on-one mentorship for graduate work and post-MA careers. Campus and department applications can be found here: Be certain to email me ( or Hector Neff ( if you are interested in the program or are planning to apply. We would be happy to provide you more information and to answer any questions you might have. Graduated CSULB Students Kristin Safi, M.A. 2008 (Now in the Phd Program, Washington State University) Thesis Veronica Harper, M.A., 2008 (Now working for Cogstone) Thesis Katie Eskew, M.A. 2008 (Now working for the USDA/NRSC). Thesis Brooke Hundtoft, B.A. 2008 (Now at the University of Arizona Phd Program in Classics) Karl Holland, B.A. 2008 (Now in the University College London MA program) Eugene Ruzi, B.A., 2008 (Now in the PhD Classics program at the University of Cincinnati). Jimmy Daniels, M.A., 2009 (Now at ASM Affiliates). Thesis Andrea Bardsley, M.A., 2009 (Now at Cogstone). Thesis. Maureen Lynch, M.A., 2009. Thesis Robbie Thomas, M.A., 2009 Thesis forthcoming. Clarus Backes, M.A., 2009 (Now at SWCA), Thesis Ileana Bradford, M.A., 2009 (GIS, Easter Island, Remote Sensing) M.A. and Ph.D. Students At Other Universities For Which I Was A Committee Member Ethan Cochrane, Ph.D. 2004, University of Hawai’i (Now University College London). Thesis. John Dudgeon, Ph.D. 2008, University of Hawai’i (Now at Idaho State University). Thesis. Alex Morrison (current), University of Hawai’i Amy Commendador, M.A., University of Hawai’i (now at Collections Manager at the Idaho Natural History Museum).

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