Saturday, January 28, 2012

NSF-REU 2012: Geospatial Research on Kauai

Anthropology and Geography undergraduates -- as well as others interested in the study of landscapes-- may be interested in a new summer field program on geospatial research and mapping (GRAM) that will take place at the National Tropical Botanical Gardens (NTBG) on Kauai this summer.  This field research program is a joint effort between faculty in the Department of Geography and Anthropology at CSULB and is focused on the use of cutting edge geospatial techniques (e.g., satellite and aerial imagery, the use of UAVs, geographic information systems, spectral analyses, topography generation, landscape analyses, near surface remote sensing, etc.  The research being undertaken by GRAM includes the study of prehistoric landscapes as well as contemporary resources and environments. A website is now operational (  that describes the program and includes an application form, details about the the NTBG and so on. This field training course is funded for 3 years via the National Science Foundation (NSF) under their Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.
This year's GRAM project will take place June 11 to July 7 and include training in Long Beach and the National Tropical Botanical Gardens in Kauai. The NSF-REU program provides funding for student to cover travel, housing, tuition costs as well as a small stipend. Applications are competitive and open to undergraduates across the country. Note that students must be enrolled as undergraduates in order to meet the requirements of the REU program -- graduated seniors are not eligible per NSF rules.

For information about the program, the application, schedule, etc, please see:

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