Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CSULB at SAA 2011

Despite the continuing politics of power here at The Beach, we have a fairly decent showing at this year's SAA meetings in terms of papers and posters. CSULB students are shown bold text.

Carl Lipo, Hector Neff and Jacob Kovalchik—The Promise and Practicalities of
Rehydroxylation Dating for Prehistoric Ceramic
Anne Breister and Carl Lipo—Technological Changes in Brownware from Owens
and Death Valleys
Judy Bernal, Gregory Holk, Carl Lipo and Hector Neff—An Experimental Study of
Mineralogical Changes and Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation in Ceramic
Carla Pereira—Transmission Patterns among Late Prehistoric Potters of
Mississippi River Valley Ceramic
Paul Burger—Landscape Models for Early Human Occupation in Offshore
Contexts of Southern California
Scott Bigney, Janine Gasco and Hector Neff—Characterization of Obsidian from
Five Late Postclassic sites in the Soconusco Region of Chiapas, Mexico
Scott Van Keuren, Mark Agostini and Hector Neff—Ceramic Pigments and
Communities of Practice in Fourteenth-century Arizona
Federico Paredes, Margarita Cossich and Hector Neff—Drinking Chilate By The
Tomb? A Public Funeral Covered With Ilopango (Tbj) Ash In Western El
Hector Neff and Barbara Voorhies—Elemental analysis of the Tlacuachero floors
Dean Arnold, Bruce Bohor, Hector Neff, Gary Feinman and Ryan Williams—
Indigenous Knowledge and the Sources of Palygorskite used in Maya Blue
Fumie Iizuka, Hector Neff and Richard Cooke—Deducing Human Mobility by
Studying the Circulation of Panama’s Earliest Pottery (Monagrillo) (ca. 4,800-
3,200 B.P.
Alex Morrison, Chris Lee, Carl Lipo and Terry Hunt—[Multi-stage Remote Sensing
Applications for Mapping Archaeological Features and Landscape Characteristics:
A Case Study from Rapa Nui, Chile]
Sachiko Sakai—Applications of Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Dating
in the Study of Change in Clay Source of Olivine-tempered Ceramics in the
Arizona Strip and Adjacent Areas in the American Southwest

Friday, March 4, 2011

Page proofs arrive...

The page proofs for The Statues That Walked have arrived.  At a first glance, the book looks great.  We have about a week to turn it around.  After this, it goes off for printing and binding!  Let the countdown begin.