Monday, September 15, 2008

Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde: Tumult I: The reviewers said what?

Some interesting discussion and observations about the rather random process of manuscript reviews..

Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde
I'm a postdoc in the biological sciences. I can't decide if I work too much or not enough. I'm married to Dr. Hyde, a fabulous scientist himself, and we're trying, despite some obstacles, to fulfill our Darwinian mandate by having a child or two. The title and pseudonym? One name at work, another at home.
Tumult I: The reviewers said what?
We finally found out why the official response on my manuscript was "No Editorial Decision At This Time."

Turns out, although all three reviews were quite positive, only one of the three reviewers recommended that the manuscript be published in this journal.

The other two recommended the dreaded "Appropriate for a more specialized journal."

I was rather shocked by this news. These (now totally loathed) two reviewers had written things like

" I found the results interesting and intriguing. They represent one of the first serious attempts to understand poogly-plugs at the cellular level. Thus, th [From Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde: Tumult I: The reviewers said what?]

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