Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stats for Students - PSPP

An anonymous comment on my previous post about "Stats For Students" suggested I take a look at the free open-source project PSPP. This program provides all of the core functions of SPSS and has a GUI that makes it much like its commercial counter part. It seems pretty functional and useful, though to use it on a Mac, one has to build it from source (and the many prereqs and pre-prereqs and pre-pre-reqs...). Windows users have it a bit easier as there are binaries for that platform: For those who use Mac OS X 10.5, I created a binary distribution package: for the 0.6.1 release. This is a *new* version from what was previously posted here and now includes libraries required for the software to run. The binaries and libraries are now included in the package. Once you download it (about 86 megs due to the mass of libraries required), run the install program. PSPP and PSPPIRE will be installed the /Applications directory (in the PSPP folder). [[UPDATE]] In a previous packaging of PSPP, I somehow failed to include the actual applications. The package has been updated so that you will now get the PSPPIRE and PSPP applications installed in /Applications/PSPP (or a place of your choice). Sorry about this messup. [[UPDATE 2]] I'm uploading a new binary right now. It's uploading sloooowly as I am at the airport on wireless. But eventually there should be a functional binary available. [[UPDATE 3]] I've created an entirely new package that fixes the many problems that others had. At least it doesn't give the errors it used to. The new version is now loaded on the website. It also does not require logout (which was my mistake for not unchecking that box in the package building). <<<>>
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