Sunday, March 29, 2009

WSU and Pullman

I just returned from a trip to Pullman, Washington and WSU. I was there as the 2009 Anthropology Graduate Organization (AGO)'s visiting scholar. It was an honor as it indicated that at least some students have heard of my work and that enough felt it was significant enough bring to campus. I had a delightful time. The students were enthusiastic and interesting. I was shepherded around from meeting to class to meeting to meal to lecture. And I got to talk with a wide variety of folks from the many grad students to the faculty. Pullman is certain "as advertised" in its remote, small town setting but the fact it is so isolated seems to select for folks who are extremely passionate about what they do, and that always translates into a vibrant and exciting community.

My lecture was "Networks, Small Worlds and Cultural Transmission." Given the nature of the invitation, I targeted it at graduate students and probably tried to include far to much about the relations between our models, methods and explanation but it certainly was fun to present for me.

All-in-all it was an excellent visit and I hope to see many of the folks I met there again either here at Long Beach, the SAAs or elsewhere.

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