Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Live from Philidelphia, it's the AAA witchhunt and self-flagalation show!

As I mentioned earlier, Alice Dreger at Northwestern University recently presented a paper at the American Anthropological Association meetings in Philedelphia on the ghastly behavior of the AAA organization in their "investigation" of Napoleon Chagnon. In her blog, she has provided an account of the session and some of the reactions she received after the talk. Quite in line with the general idiocy and blameless attitude of the AAA organization, she was called "demonic" and unscholarly by Tierney defender Terence Turner at Cornell.

You can find her full account here:

My “Demonic” Debut at theAmerican Anthropological Association

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Michael E. Smith said...

Yes indeed, it is a sad time to call oneself an anthropologist. Does archaeology need anthropology? Check out the AAA blog session on this question:


But this got me onto Alice Dreger, fantastic scholar and blogger.