Monday, February 18, 2008

Fluid Dynamics and Beveled Pointed Bifaces

I've been working on doing some airflow modeling for beveled point biface using SolidWorks. Using measurements made from cross sections of archaeological specimens, I have been exploring the parameters of the beveling that give rise to spin, if indeed this happens. Actually, it looks like this is the case. Below is an image of flow trajectories around a model. The colors represent pressure (Pa). Note the high pressure right on the leading edge of the bevel and low pressure below. On the opposite the same (but opposite) is also seen.


Doing calculations of force normal to the beveled surfaces with velocity at 40 meters/second, I get values of -0.00500964 of force in the Y direction (i.e., direction of spin) for one beveled edge, and +0.0049776 for the other side. Thus spin!!

More analyses and experiments to come...

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