Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Set of Mounds

Last night we hit points 1-4. The first point (2) was a mound located in trees beyond the Mississippi levee. It certainly is an earthen pile but it also has lower linear features extending parallel to the levee. This could mean that it is an old levee -- which could be where the mound came from -- or the mound dirt was used as part of the levee. It's hard to tell since the ground cover is entirely poison ivy and the actual surface is non-visible (no way to look for artifacts). Even if it was archaeological it may not have many artifacts around. So this first one remains an enigma.

The other points seems to be remnants of construction. There is a lot of development around here -golf courses, etc that creates lots of pile of earth. Given the older quad maps, these three seem to be recent in origin.

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