Sunday, January 18, 2009

UCLA Lecture Videos on Behavior, Evolution and Culture Now Available Online

The UCLA Center of Behavior, Evolution & Culture hosts lectures by top notch scientists working on issues of evolution and the study of human behavior and culture. In the past, I have given BEC lectures as has Dr. Michael Cannon and (I believe) Dr. Hector Neff. These lectures run throughout the academic year and are held on Mondays at UCLA, Haines Hall. They are a great opportunity to view the latest work on the use of evolution as a means for explanation in the social sciences (including anthropology). You can get more information about the upcoming lectures here:

The UCLA BEC center has now started recording these lecturers and putting them on the internet. These videos are put online a bit after each lecture and make a great way of learning about cutting edge research while not having to suffer the commute to/from UCLA. For example:
Caleb Finch 1/5/09 The Role of Diet and Infection in Human Evolution:
Karthik Panchanathan 1/12/09 Quantifying the Bystander Effect in a Multi-player Dictator Game:
You can view the set of already recorded lectures at: . The lectures are also available on iTunes U -- Search for "ucla behavior evolution culture".

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