Thursday, April 9, 2009

CSULB at the 2009 SAA Meetings

Despite science-fearing, anti-intellectual, short sighted, uniformed, and fear driven shenanigans, we have a good line up of papers and posters at the 2009 SAA Meetings in Atlanta. It is unclear what is going to happen next year, but we soldier on. Someone has to keep up the good fight.
The 2009 Line Up
On Thursday evening archaeology graduate student James (Jimmy) Daniels has organized a session entitled: "Innovative Analytical Techniques in Coastal Guatemalan Archaeology." Papers include:

** Kristin Safi, Hector Neff, Carl Lipo and Oswaldo Chinchilla—Measuring spatial
organization at El Baul, Cotzumalguapa, Guatemala 

** Tony Quach, John G. Jones and Hector Neff—Paleoenvironmental Investigations of the Tecojate Region of Coastal Guatemala and Implications for the Classic Maya Collapse
** Adrian Abella and Dr. Hector Neff—Innovative Analytical Techniques in Coastal Guatemalan Archaeology
** James Daniels—Using Distributional Archaeology and GIS to Determine Functionality of Subsurface Structures Detected with Geophysics at El Baul
** Brigitte Kovacevich, Rafael Castillo, Molly Morgan and Hector Neff—The Use of Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) on Obsidian Microdebitage: Case Studies from Chiquiuitan and El Baúl
** Maureen Lynch—The Effects of Moisture on Ground Penetrating Radar in La Blanca, Guatemala
** Victor Castillo, Hector Neff, Ronald Bishop and M. James Blackman—Mold made figurines from the South Coast of Guatemala: sources of raw material and proveniences
Other CSULB authored papers include:
** Josué Gómez, Douglas J. Kennett, Hector Neff, Michael D. Glascock and Barbara Voorhies—Early Formative Interactions between the Soconusco and the Gulf Coast Olmecs (Friday morning)
** Hector Neff—Twenty Years of Ceramic Provenance Research at MURR (Friday morning)
And Posters:
** Andrea Bardsley and Carl Lipo—Luminescence Dating and the California Desert (Thursday afternoon)
** Carl Lipo, Brooke Hundtoft and Terry Hunt—Analyses of Stylistic Variability among Stemmed Obsidian Artifacts on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) (Thursday afternoon)
** Andrew Page, Carl Lipo and Diana Greenlee—Variability in Thermal and Compositional Properties of Poverty Point Objects (Thursday afternoon)
** Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo—A cultural phylogeny of statues on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and the implications for prehistoric social organization (Friday afternoon)

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