Thursday, December 2, 2010

RCD: Lifetime Achievement Award

If only as a gesture towards thumbing the nose at anti-science anthropology establishment you might consider helping us nominate Robert Dunnell for the Society for American Archaeology Lifetime Achievement Award. Diana Greenlee has put the announcement out that Bill Dancey and Janet Rafferty are compiling nomination letters in support of RCD.

I hope you will consider writing a letter of support. Here are the key points:

  1. The support letters have to be submitted as signed pdfs, either using an electronic signature or by scanning a signed document.
  2. Letters should be on letterhead.
  3. Please email your letter to Janet at, or send a hard copy via snail mail to Janet Rafferty, P.O. Box AR, Mississippi State, MS 39762. She will convert any non-pdfs and/or scan any hard copy letters
  4. f possible, we'd like the letters by 23 December so that everything can be submitted before the holidays..
  5. Please contact Janet or me with any questions

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