Friday, May 1, 2009

Clear and Present Zombie Danger

As everyone knows, planning for plagues of zombies is a matter of serious concern. Here in Long Beach, for example, the undead hordes would be estimated to be in inconceivably large numbers and density. With the beach hemming off the southern retreats and LA to the north, advanced planning is required. John Dudgeon (when he was in LB) and I have had long discussions about various considerations about the zombie threat. Our old thunderbird speedboat was a clear part of our preparations.

While at the SAAs, I was recommended the book "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War" by an prospicient zombie fan. Actually, I really didn't know that anyone else had discussions about zombie planning except for John and I. Now I find there is a whole world of folks preparing for the zombie plague. And the author of World War Z has a entire planning volume for the event! Where have I been? Thanks, Emily!

Well, I had to buy the book immediately of course (thanks Amazon and Kindle!) and read much of it on the plane back from Atlanta. What a hoot! WWZ is a great read - very entertaining (as well as insightful as to the clear implications of an undead plague on world events). And there's a movie supposedly coming out in 2010.

So, all of you who aren't considering your zombie alternatives, get this book!

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Unknown said...

WWZ's a ripping page turner all right! thanks for the shout out! it's never too soon to start putting together your Long Beach zombie survival plan, like this concerned citizen has for D.C.: