Saturday, May 16, 2009

Archaeology Curriculum: Wherein the "Two Cultures" Are Shown as Real Real Hits the Road Hits the Road

For those interested, there is a boneheaded proposal at the College of Liberal Arts to drop a set of archaeology courses from the Anthropology curriculum. The proposed set of courses to drop include:

ANTH 453, 472, 481, 485, 464, 488, 553, 551, 571, 572, 573, 581, 564, 585, 587, and 588.

Where these numbers are equivalent to:
453/453: Archaeological Field Research Design
472/572: Archaeology of the Desert West
481/581: Archaeology of California
485/585: Physical Science Techniques in Archaeology
464/564: Quantitative Method sin Anthropological Research
488/588: Geoarchaeology
551: Artifact Analysis
571: Prehistory of Eastern North America
587: Cultural Resource Management
588: Advanced Methods in Near Surface Remote Sensing

These classes consist of the majority of all upper division archaeology and all graduate courses. The "majority rule" of the department has approved this motion with no clear rationale other than a eagerness to eliminate science based archaeology from the Anthropology BA and MA.

A hearing at the College Educational Policies and Curriculum committee will be held on May 19 (tuesday) at 3:30 p.m. at in the Macintosh Building Room 315 ( MHB-315 ).
The key folks in this upcoming hearing are:

Dean Gerry Riposa     <>
EPCC Committee Chair Brett Mizelle <>
President Academic Senate Praveen Soni <>
President CLA Faculty Council Nele Hempel-Lamer <>

If anyone is interested in obtaining more info, let me know.

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